"Revolutionary Iran"

Causes of Unjustified Escalation against Saudi Arabia

The long-standing crisis in Saudi-Iranian relations has a sudden and acute escalation on the backdrop of disputed regional issues.

Mostafa Salem

The Snowball Effect

Implications of the Iranian nuclear deal

One of the repercussions of the nuclear agreement is the controversy surrounding the form of the relationship with the U.S.

Rounding Corners

Why Iran introduced a new initiative to settle the Syrian Crisis

Iran introduced initiatives to settle the Syrian Crisis in order to confront accusations of stirring up regional instability

Cautious Policies

Pakistan's policies and the nuclear deal

How will Pakistan deal with the repercussions of Iran's nuclear agreement?

Conflicting Messages

Why Khamenei did not clarify his position on the nuclear agreement

Khamenei's ambiguous position surrounding the nuclear deal sends mixed messages both within Iran and internationally.

Continued Dominance

Conservative's control of Assembly of Experts

The landslide victory of the head of the Guardian Council, Ahmad Jannati, carries three significant implications.

Hawza Seminary Support

Why do Iranian officials resort to Qom?

Iranian officials are keen on receiving support from the Hawza seminary in Qom for three strategic goals.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Show of Power

Implications of Intra-Iranian Controversy Over Russia's Use of Hamadan Air Base

Russia's recent use of Shahid Nojeh Air Base in Iran to conduct military operations in Syria has created divisions within Iran's elite.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Fragile Rapprochement

Have Turkey and Iran reached an agreement on Syria?

Turkish-Iranian rapprochement revolves within the bounds of regional issues, each of which affects deep-seated interests...

Rustum Mahmoud


Diminishing Financial Resources of Terrorist Groups

There has been counter-strategies utilized by terrorist organisations to overcome financial restrictions.

Mustafa Shafiq Alam

Patent Borders

Why Iran seeks security cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria

Iran's Security Cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria.

A new “Perestroika”

Controversy over another Gorbachev in Iran

The Supreme Iranian Leadership is concerned about the transformation of Iranian President Rouhani into another Gorbachev.

Negative Consequences

Saudi-Iranian Row on Regional Crises

Tensions between Riyadh and Tehran have negative consequences that affect security and stability in the whole region.

After Khamenei

US policy and Iran's pro-change reformists

Will US policy towards Tehran succeed in backing Iran's pro-change reformists?

Multiple Goals

President Rouhani's Europe Tour

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Europe tour aimed to achieve several goals. However, Rouhani’s policies face several hurdles.