Exploiting Danger

How the “globalization of fear” increases extremism within society

The fluidity and the uncertainty that prevails domestically and globally have led to a rise in the culture of fear among communities...

Mohammed Ezzat Rohiem Mohammed Ezzat Rohiem

Visible Contrasts

Will the first Clinton-Trump Debate Determine the Election Race's Outcome?

The repercussions on the US voting scene following the first debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Hussam Ibrahim Hussam Ibrahim

Return of Two Administrations

Expected Developments of the Political Crisis in Iraq's Kurdistan

The political crisis in Iraq's Kurdistan region was further exacerbated due to the escalating hassle between the KDP and PUK...

Leadership Clashes

Causes and Implications of Davutoglu’s Resign

Davutoglu’s resignation from office and resignation as leader of the AKP indicate widening differences with President Erdogan.

Pragmatism Over Ideology

A new phase between the Americas

The 2015 Panama Summit has shown itself as an important tool to build bridges on the road to a more fraternal, peaceful....

David Mier Galera David Mier Galera