Maritime Terrorism

Consequences for the Middle East

Maritime terrorist threats are no longer scenarios put forth by international think tanks and early warning centers

Mohammed Abdullah Younis Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Ankara's Motives

Implications of Turkish Troops' Incursion into Iraq's Mosul City

Entry of Turkish troops into Mosul indicates that Iraq may enter into a new chapter of internal strife.

Marwa Waheed Marwa Waheed

Misleading Ideology

How does the Terrorist Mindset Manifest on Social Networking Sites?

"Characteristics of the Terrorist Mindset as Reflected on Social Networking Sites" workshop held to discuss findings on FARAS research.

Kurdish Viewpoint

How do Iraq's Kurds look at Mashriq's issues?

A workshop hosted by FARAS to discuss: 'How Iraq's Kurds look at the issues of the Arab East (Mashriq)'